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Prescription for: Nutrition, Drills, Techniques, Healing Therapies, Losing Pounds, Gaining Muscle, Self-Help Guide & Drug-Free Remedies.



Virtually Any Sickness Can Be Helped and/or Cured.  


Our health secrets are based on natural health-giving formulas and techniques and are not just another medicine. They can be used to help or cure virtually any human affliction. Here are just a few benefits that you can derive from practicing these techniques at home:  


  • Improve poor vision and poor hearing. 

  • Relieve back problems, such as backache, lumbago, spine curvature, and sciatica. 

  • Help to clear up skin diseases quickly and stop alopecia (loss of hair).  

  • Alleviate distressing liver, kidney, gallbladder, and other conditions.  

  • Soothe digestive disorders such as gas, heartburn, and stomach acid. 

  • Reduce the likelihood of heart attacks in just 3 quick and easy steps. 

  • Relieve migraine headaches, sinus pains, sore throats, and the pains of arthritis and facial neuralgia. 

  • Help overcome lung and chest problems such as bronchitis and emphysema. 

  • Improve married life. 

  • Aid in eliminating the signs and effects of age, such as wrinkles, loose skin and a tired body. 

Hi, my name is Eric Ward and my Dad created a program, over a forty year period, which he used in his practice on his clients to bring them back to health.


My Dad discovered years ago that “The Power within Us Can Also Reshape us and Heal Us.”


All the twisting, straining, getting jolted and jarred puts a strain on all your muscles, your nerves, your joints, and your organs which can cause problems like a fallen stomach, drooping eye lids, sagging colon, prolapsed uterus, weak diaphragm, varicose veins and even fallen arches which will affect your lower back, and more. Our easy to do drills and techniques benefit all your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage which often respond in as little as one treatment.


EnerZone’s Health & Healing drills and techniques benefit the whole body from head to toe, even the eyes, nose, lips, ears and even your sagging skin under your chin (turkey neck).


Years ago, my Dad came up with a weight loss program that people could stick with, that showed fast results in days; while lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This Program combined with our EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points Program is proven to burn off your fat reserves and lose inches quicker than any other weight loss program, EVER! It’s very efficient. There are just two things to remember and two things to do. That’s it! That’s the diet!

Over the years my Dad developed the best exercise for your overall health. Again, this is the easiest and yet the hardest exercise and it will put motion and strength back into every reachable muscle, ligament, tendon and cartilage in the body. Every vertebra of the neck and spine gets stretched and it relieves nerve pressure to the heart and to the lungs. When your vertebra widens you will be giving your back an alignment. You will increase and strengthen your breathing muscles, and your arms, your thighs and the calves of your legs will get stronger. Your heart will be stronger, and your breathing will be easier. All in all, there is no better or healthier exercise than this one. It will burn up a huge amount of calories and blood sugar faster than any other exercise. It will take a while to get used to doing this exercise as you will be breathing very hard in a very short time, but you will find that it will not take too long before you are able to do this exercise for a longer period of time. The goal is to try to do 12 – 15 minutes of this every day. In this program there is no equipment to buy but it does takes strong willpower and effort, and none of this jumping around stuff, and if you are looking for a real “WORKOUT” you will not find a more challenging WORKOUT.


Learning from the Baby on How to Breathe


Observe a baby sleeping – Watch the baby’s little tummy as it goes up and down as it breathes. That’s the diaphragm working with each breath. But once the baby is strong enough to pick himself/herself up and fight against gravity in the upright position they soon forget to breathe with their diaphragm. From then on its their chest that is moving in and out as their breathing is done only with the upper lobes of their lungs, with the apex of each lung - an apical breather. All the reserve store of valuable residual air in the lower lung goes unused. When a person is a long-distance runner they keep on racing until they reach their second wind, only then, do they tap their lung reserves and use this residual air. Then they can keep going on and on for the reserve store of air is very great. By doing our EnerZone’s Breathing Drill, which we consider to be one of the most valuable of our drills, you will tap into your lung reserves and help your heart by releasing more oxygen into your body. Singers are among the few who are trained to use their diaphragm. That’s why their tones are so powerful and they can hold a note for a long time.


For Really Good Health – To Improve Strength – To Improve Appearance – To Improve Endurance – To Reduce Back Pain – To Get Stronger Arms, Legs and Lungs; Learn the EnerZone’s Health & Healing Way!


Our two-step plan, EnerZone’s Health & Healing Program and EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points Program can be purchased from anywhere in the world, and anyone can do the drills, anytime, anyplace, no matter what their age or sex. This is a program, for everyday people, which can be done all your life, either alone or in a group.


You have NEVER seen any of our drills, techniques, therapies, or our weight loss program, or our unique exercise program anywhere before!


NOTE:  We have been involved with this for more than 40 years and have had the same address, phone number, and email address!


Fifty years ago my Dad weighed about two hundred (200) pounds and now fifty something years later he is still in good physical condition and still weighs about the same with more than 19 inch arms.




Our EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points Program, which complements our first Program (EnerZone’s Program for Better Health & Healing), is just as effective, or in many cases far superior to compression therapies such as Reflexology, Acupressure, Shiatsu or other related therapies.  Our EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points can be applied by the everyday person anytime, anywhere.


EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points divides the body into ten zones, and within each zone there is an energy link between certain areas, allowing one area to affect another in the same zone. By applying the EnerZone’s Roller to the pressure points in an area in the same zone as the ear, an anesthetic effect could be produced in the ear. Let’s say you had a tooth ache you could use the EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points technique in the same zone applying pressure to the same zone to get relief.

    Figure #1
Man showing 10 energy zones

As in figure #1, you can see the EnerZone man is divided into ten zones. If you imagine a line drawn through the center of the body, there are five zones on either side of this median line. Each zone relates to the same fingers and toes on the same side of the body, zone one extending from the thumb, up the arm to the brain and then down to the big toe, zone two extends from the second finger, up the arm to the brain and down to the second toe, zone three extends from the third finger up the arm to the brain and down to the third toe, zone four extends from the fourth finger up the arm to the brain and down to the fourth toe and zone five extends from the little finger up the arm to the brain and down to the little toe. These longitudinal zones are of equal width and extend right through the body from front to back. The importance of the ten longitudinal zones extending throughout the body is that whichever parts of the body are found within a certain zone, these parts will be linked to one another by the energy flow within the same zone and can therefore affect one another. An example of this is found with kidney problems which may result in eye problems due to the fact that the kidney and eyes are situated within the same zones.

The application of EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points means that it is possible to treat the various parts of the body by applying EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points to accessible areas situated within the same zone. This method is used to treat a wide range of disorders including headaches, eye problems, breast lumps, and fibroids in the uterus and breathing difficulties plus many other ailments.


Due to the fact that the zones extend throughout the whole body, the arms and the legs are made of the same zones. This means that a relationship will extend to the same zone connection between the right arm and the right leg and the left arm and the left leg. The joints of these limbs will bear a relation to one another and so the following are zone-related: the hip and the shoulder, the knee and the elbow, the ankle, and the wrist. Likewise, the upper leg and upper arm are zone-related: and the lower leg and lower arm and also the foot and the hand. This shows the deep connection between the various parts of the body, for example in all cases, the right foot corresponds to the right side of the body and the left foot corresponds to the left side of the body. Similarly, with the hands, the right hand corresponds to the right side of the body and the left hand corresponds to the left side of the body. The pressure points within these zones are connected through the body in such a way as to help in other parts of the body in the same area.


Referral Zones: 


Referral zones are in the upper and lower extremities and correspond to each other.

The referral zones work using the appendicular skeleton;

A        Toes (phalanges)  -----  thumb, fingers (phalanges) - AA

B        Foot (metatarsals)  -----  hand (metacarpals)

C        Ankle (tarsals)  -----  wrist (carpals)

D        Shin  -----  back of the foreman     

E        Calf  -----  front of the forearm

F         Kneecap (patella)  -----  elbow    

G        Thigh (femur)  -----  upper arm (humerus)

H        Back of the hip (back of the pelvic bone)  -----  shoulder blade

I          Side and front of the hip (pelvic bone)  -----  shoulder

J          Medial side of the hip (pelvic bone)  -----  collarbone (clavicle)

trigger pressure points
Skull cervical thoracic lumbar sacrum coccyx spine skeleton
roller trigger pressure points

EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points is a natural and practical approach to better Health & Healing. Our EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points technique applied to specific pressure points on the body, like the feet, hands, and head, relate to the corresponding organs and body parts to improve circulation and elimination, to normalize body rhythms, to reduce stress and to improve nerve and blood supplies.


EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points helps nature in healing the body by revitalizing the vital life force back into congested areas of the body. With the circulation improved and speeded up, the body can start to repair itself and rebuild healthy cells and tissues.


EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points helps relieve the pain and discomfort of many illnesses and conditions by sending healing bursts of energy to ailing glands, organs and muscles to promote renewed health, vigor and youthfulness. It is completely Safe with NO side effects. Remember, pain is Nature’s way of telling us that trouble is at hand.


EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points is a unique, but most effective technique when scientifically applied as follows. It is not just a steady roll but a slow creeping forward and slightly pulling back movement. This technique would even be effective in dealing with crystalline deposit formation by breaking up or pulverizing the granules in the artery and nerve terminals.


By using our EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points technique on the pressure points of the affected areas the tenderness will gradually disappear. The affected organs will be able to function normally and your symptoms will disappear.


EnerZone’s Roller is a sturdy, lightweight commercial product with a soft comfortable cushion grip that will last a lifetime. Below is a picture of our EnerZone’s Roller. Actual roller is larger than picture.

Horizontal Zones:


There are 6 horizontal zones in the body, feet and hands. The zones correspond to the skull, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx. Note that the skull’s and spinal column’s shape corresponds to the top and side of the medial side of the hands and feet.


These horizontal zones cross and run through all the vertical zones of the body, feet and hands.


The head and skull correspond to the big toe and ball of the thumb.

The 7 cervical spines and neck correspond to the base of the toes, fingers, and thumb.

The 12 thoracic spines and chest correspond to the ball of the feet and palms.

The 5 lumbar spines and lower back correspond to the arch of the feet and the area below the ball of the feet and palms, and heel of the feet and palms.

The sacrum and hip correspond to the heel of the hands and feet.

The coccyx and pelvis correspond to the very back of the heel of the feet and palms.


These horizontal zones work using the skull and spinal column of the axial skeleton.

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Enclosed is my cheque or money order for Option #______ for the amount of $____________ made payable to:

                 "Ward's EnerZone's" at P.O. Box 1083, Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada   R5H 1C1

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$  136.00

Option #3:

EnerZone’s Health & Healing combo grab (Options #1 & #2) 

(Option #3 - shipping of roller included in price).

LESS: 10% discount          -


$  206.00
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$  185.40

Being Healthy takes commitment. The reward is often difficult to see or feel. It is usually not until the body fails us in some manner that we realize we haven’t taken care of it.


Remember this: Your First Wealth is Your Health! Don’t wait until you have lost your health to realize how important it is to you. Get started right now in living a healthy life.


Franchises with Business Opportunities Available:

This business opportunity has 2 parts to it. If you are interested in becoming a Practitioner and Entrepreneur and would like to hear about the second part of this lucrative offer just call or email us for details. You would have a large profit potential, low investment, protected area, no stock inventory, and you would be able to set your own hours and much more.

There is no greater satisfaction then bringing someone back to their health or relieving someone of their aches and pains.



This is only one of many EnerZone’s Drills and Techniques. This is our way of thanking you for reading our information to the end. Thank you!


Our “EnerZone’s Head Lift” Drill tends to decompress the discs in the neck and lift pressure off the nerves of the neck. Among other things, these are the nerves which nourish the tissues of the face and head, and other parts of the body, and also direct their functions. Out of our five special senses, no fewer than four depend upon freely operating cranial nerves. Although these do not themselves traverse the neck in the manner of other spinal nerves they are very greatly influenced towards health when nerve pressures are lifted in the neck. So for relief of facial and head problems, headaches, neck aches, shoulder and upper arm aches, upper back aches, and many more aches and pains do the EnerZone’s Head Lift drill.


Although you can do this for yourself, another person may help you, or you can seek an EnerZone’s practitioner in your area.

“EnerZone’s Head-Lift” Drill - To lift mechanical pressures on nerves and other structures of the neck the best method is to raise the head “off the neck and shoulders.” Very, very important; Do this while sitting. It is important to see in which direction you can turn your head further, to the right or left side. Have someone watch you as you slowly turn your head as far as you can, without moving your shoulders, first in one direction and then slowly in the opposite direction. See how far you can see in each direction without causing pain or discomfort. Let’s say you are able to turn a little farther to the left. This indicates that you have a problem (pain) with the right side of your neck. In this case this is what you would do or you can have someone do it for you.

A trained EnerZone’s Practitioner would place open palms and extended fingers in contact with your lower jaw, the fingers extending backwards to just under the mastoids and lift your head straight upwards, very slowly, three times. Then while lifting your head, he would very slowly turn your head (slower than you did) to your left (to the side that you could turn further) while you are also slowly turning your head with him. He would do this two or three times as he is still lifting your head off your neck. There is no way he can hurt you as he is only turning your head about ninety percent of the distance that you originally turned it and you are turning with him. Then after centering your head, rest for a few seconds then lift your head straight up one more time, then relax. Lift your head straight up again and this time turn to the right (the direction you could not turn as far) very slowly and not as far as you did the first time, while you are also turning your head with him. This is done two times and then turn back to the starting position. Now notice how you are able to turn your head with ease and surprisingly how much farther you can see when you turn your head. If you had a headache – it is now GONE.


This is very relaxing to your neck once you have performed this drill and can be done whenever you feel the need.

Nighttime is the best time for this; What you gain at bedtime you will take to bed with you, to benefit you through the night. In a short while, you will notice that you can turn your head farther in each direction, and with markedly less strain, as you release nerve pressures by performing the EnerZone’s Head-Lift drill.

In closing we also offer Hands-On-Healing of natural therapies like EnerZone’s Healing Energies - a system of preventing disease by using EnerZone’s Magnetic Muscle Testing and Therapies - a natural method of analyzing the body’s nutritional, structural, and physical needs, and studying the blueprint of the body.   

Here’s an example of the importance of EnerZone’s Healing Energies and EnerZone’s Magnetic Muscle Testing and Therapies and how it comes into play. If your healing energies are turned around, nothing you do will make much of a difference and you have little chance of healing if you don’t turn them around.


You need two people to do the magnetic testing to make sure a person's healing energies are working efficiently. Here's an easy way to test this.

  1. You need to test the person’s strength. First, have the person stand up straight. Have them put their right arm straight out to the side, shoulder height and palm down, fingers extended. Have them put their left hand (palm down) on the top of their head. Then the 2nd person pushes down, lightly, on the wrist, of their extended arm which shows you their strength. They should be stronger in this position if their healing energies are working properly. You are actually testing their shoulder muscle.

  2. Next, the person will rest their arm for a minute and then raise their right arm straight up again to the side, shoulder height and palm down, fingers extended. Then, have them put their left hand (palm up) on the top of their head. Then the 2nd person pushes down, lightly, on the wrist, on their extended arm, again. If they are stronger this time, then, their healing energies are turned around and are not working efficiently. Their body will not be able to heal itself if it stays like this.

When they are turned around, a person needs RNA so they can either take RNA/DNA tablets from a health food store or buy Spirulina which will turn their energies around in as little as only 15 to 20 minutes.


If they are not sure it is better to take them as a precaution to make sure everything is working properly.


Muscle testing is good for testing everything, different ailments, or to see if a supplement, medication, food or everyday product agrees with your body or not.


For example, friends of ours were told by their doctor that she had a kidney infection. I muscle tested her and told her that it did not show any trouble with her kidneys. She told us later that it was a muscle issue not a kidney problem. It really works! 

We know that our EnerZone's Drills & Techniques and our EnerZone's Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points Programs, while seemingly simple, are not all easy but they're important because the best health care happens when you care about your own health.


We are driven to help those who help themselves.


If you find this information helpful, share it with a friend. If you enjoy reading this, why not pass it on?  

Option #1:

EnerZone’s Program for Better Health & Healing consists of 101 pages of unique

Drills & Techniques which tune up your body to revitalize the essential Life Force

back into all your organs and body parts to help your body heal itself. It contains

natural health restoring formulas, nutritional information, an easy-to-do weight loss

program that shows quick results and a challenging exercise workout for losing

weight and gaining muscle mass and improving your overall health and general

appearance and a lot more.   



Option #2:

EnerZone’s Roll-On Multi-Pressure Points & Zone Therapy Program consists of                 

98 pages, with detailed drawings, on the body’s pressure points and energy zones

for all the different organs and body parts. Option #2 includes our special ergonomic

EnerZone’s Roller, along with our course and detailed techniques for rolling on the

numerous pressure points and nerve pathways (zones) to release the body’s life-giving

energy force to revitalize and heal those ailing organs and glands, muscles, ligaments

and tendons.  (Option #2 - shipping of roller included in price).   




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